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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Google plus marketing

In the past, it has been adequate to place Facebook and Twitter in the same category. They could be deemed as the two essential social networks for any business. While YouTube and Pinterest could also make a case, they are niche social networks – and not necessary for every single type of business.

However, the landscape of social media – as always – is changing. No longer are Facebook and Twitter the only essential social networks. A Google plus marketing plan needs to be a focus for each and every business.

The numbers don’t lie. Google Plus is now the second largest social network, signifying a quick eclipse of Twitter for the new social network. (1) It is important to note that this isn't an either/or proposition – there’s plenty of room for all three. 

Google Plus has a few unique benefits that are worthy of any business’ attention:

  • Searches
    There is a bridge between social media and SEO.  As Google is the largest search engine, and Google Plus is a Google product – you can only imagine how relevant the social network is and will be to search results.

  • Group Hangouts
    Video chat capabilities can help internal communications, as well as product demos and other uses for reaching out to customers.

  • Google Plus Communities
    This new offering can help a business showcase its expertise.

Is your business taking advantage of the emerging social network? It is quickly becoming a powerhouse in this world, offering more of the same advantages of social media, as well as some unique benefits as well. 

Contact us to learn more about leveraging your marketing plan for success.

(1) Sean Johnson 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
The Search landscape is poised for another shift with the rollout of Google+. Internet users around the world are now helping other internet users by recommending content through the Google+ network. 

Over 25 Million Users Already!
 In less than 2 months since its launch Google+ has 25 million members, making it the fastest growing website ever (according to comScore). This is before Google has even rolled it out globally.

Where Will I Find The +1 Icon?
Firstly, searchers that are logged in to their Google Account will start to notice a small ‘+1’ icon next to each search result. 

 By clicking on the iconsearchers are endorsing or ‘liking’ the content of that web page.

Secondly, a +1 icon can be added to each page of a website.  Many popular websites already have this in place. See for an example.

Over time it is anticipated that Google will start ranking search results based on how many people +1 different web pages.  It makes sense that Google is trying to further improve the quality of its search results based on social interaction with content.

Similar to Facebook
Google has taken the very clever concept of the Facebook ‘Like’ button and has adapted it to its search results, enabling people to ‘Like’, or in their terms ‘+1’, search results based on their level of interest.  Websites owners around the world are now adding a small ‘+1’ button to their website, much along the lines of the ‘Like’ button from Facebook.

Key Information Website Owners Should Know
  1. Google already ranks businesses based on their social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google Places).  It is almost inevitable that Google+ will become a ranking factor.
  2. A ‘+1’ icon needs to be added to all pages of your website, such that Google+ account holders can ‘+1’ your web pages, much like a Facebook ‘Like’ button.
  3. In order to ‘+1’ a page the visitor must have a Google Account.
  4. Get as many of your customers, suppliers, friends, & family to ‘+1’ your web pages as possible. 

We can assist you with adding a +1 icon to your website for a nominal fee.  Our clients that use the MySuperWeb platform can have this added in 30 minutes or less across all pages.  Other platforms may take longer.  
Contact us if you would like us to add the +1 button to your web pages.

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