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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Landing pages are everywhere.  Most commonly, you’ll find them as the “first” page you see on a website.  

However, there are also landing pages for specific campaigns that companies can run.  You’ll also see them on Facebook as well – the artistic pages that try to dazzle you.

Regardless of where they are, they serve one primary function – they get the visitor to “come in.”  It may only be a place to put one’s email to subscribe for updates.  It may be a “learn more,” where a conversion is placed for getting the visitor to see what’s offered.  Of course, it could be a purchase of some kind as well, the ultimate conversion.

With the right graphics, information, and call to action, the landing page can be arguably the most important design feature of your site – or Facebook page.  If a user is uninterested, unimpressed, or otherwise disinterested, he or she will simply move on.

Landing pages are certainly an important aspect of any web presence.  As part of a marketing strategy, it is often overlooked.  Yet, the difference in a good landing page or a bad one – or none at all – is drastic. 

Of course, landing pages are a cohesive part of any strategy.  It comes together with PPC ads (as the destination page) and everything else, as it is effectively the closing point for your goal.  A strong landing page can get that click, like, or other action that you are searching for.

At PositionMEonline, we can guide you through everything that has to do with your web presence.

 Contact us to ask any questions you may have about landing pages, marketing, and anything else in this broad area.

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