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Friday, June 11, 2010
"When Kat & Kaboodle launched, we needed to create a slick website that would rank well in Google. The professional organising industry in Australia is still a relatively young one, so people are not yet instinctively searching for ‘professional organiser’ when they want to get organised.

Looking around at other websites in the industry, I found the sites to be quite cluttered and hard to navigate – which obviously isn’t a good thing when you are promoting an organising and de-cluttering business! PositionMEonline got straight to work on implementing a template for our website which was clean, easy to navigate and fully functioning. 

Your team immediately understood my business and how I wanted to communicate with my potential customers. Best of all, you were honest and up-front with their advice, and were genuinely passionate about providing me with the best possible website for my business.

I credit your business with building the best professional organising website in Australia (if I do say so myself!) which continues to display on the first page of Google! You designed a fantastic blog which is so easy for me to update, and a homepage which not only looks amazing but is easy to follow. 

You took the time to train me in sending an e-newsletter to my database and how to update pages, which I have found to be easier than editing a document in Microsoft Word! Nearly every day, I receive emails from people asking about my wonderful website and I always send them along to PositionMEonline.

I know they will receive honest, value-for-money, friendly service that us amateurs rarely find when dealing with website developers."
- Katherine Tate, Kat & Kaboodle -
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have listened to our clients, and being determined to provide a superior level of service and a positive client experience every time, we have invested significantly in Traffic, a world class system developed in the UK in recent years.

Traffic is an award-winning work-flow system that enables us to combine project management, scheduling and job costing in a single structure that will –

  • Provide you with secure online access to the real-time status of all projects/jobs/work being performed, on your behalf.
  • Enable you to view a job summary, the stages of the job and the brief/specifications being worked to.
  • Let you view the proposed start and end dates for each job or service, and sign off dates for various client actions and approvals.
  • Facilitate your submission of work requests via a user friendly interface that will enable the monitoring of progress of all client work within their Traffic account.

We evaluated 10 systems, some of which had outstanding features, but in the end we decided on Traffic the most functionally rich, fully integrated and yes, the most expensive (you get what you pay for!) of all the 10 systems. Traffic was also the only system we evaluated that was not online based, rather it runs in-house on a dedicated server (providing excellent security of client data) yet provides online access to our clients!  

Overhaul of all our processes and procedures!
To ensure we provide a highly efficient, quality level of service we spent the last six months re-vamping and refining our processes and procedures company wide. Only then did we configure Traffic to accommodate our “new “way of operating and to support each of our business departments – Sales & Marketing, Client Services, and Administration.

End to end systems integration
Traffic is a highly flexible system that fully integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Estimating and Quoting, Project Management and Dynamic Job/staff Scheduling, Invoicing and Purchasing , and provides seamless Workflow Management. The system synchronises with our QuickBooks accounting system, and also with Outlook for email management. The benefits to our clients, our business partners, much less our business overall, are considerable.   

Our 10th year in business!
It is hard to believe that within the next six months PositionMEonline will be in its 10th year in business! Thanks to the tremendous support of so many loyal clients and business partners, we look forward to the next decade of helping businesses be successful online.

Our recent investment in Traffic, the re-engineering of our business and associated staff training, has been made with confidence in the future of our industry and the growing need of businesses to have a marked presence online.

Our thanks go especially to all those who have supported us over the years, some of whom have provided constructive feedback that we have, or are, acting on to ensure our service and services are the very best we can provide.


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