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Friday, June 11, 2010
"When Kat & Kaboodle launched, we needed to create a slick website that would rank well in Google. The professional organising industry in Australia is still a relatively young one, so people are not yet instinctively searching for ‘professional organiser’ when they want to get organised.

Looking around at other websites in the industry, I found the sites to be quite cluttered and hard to navigate – which obviously isn’t a good thing when you are promoting an organising and de-cluttering business! PositionMEonline got straight to work on implementing a template for our website which was clean, easy to navigate and fully functioning. 

Your team immediately understood my business and how I wanted to communicate with my potential customers. Best of all, you were honest and up-front with their advice, and were genuinely passionate about providing me with the best possible website for my business.

I credit your business with building the best professional organising website in Australia (if I do say so myself!) which continues to display on the first page of Google! You designed a fantastic blog which is so easy for me to update, and a homepage which not only looks amazing but is easy to follow. 

You took the time to train me in sending an e-newsletter to my database and how to update pages, which I have found to be easier than editing a document in Microsoft Word! Nearly every day, I receive emails from people asking about my wonderful website and I always send them along to PositionMEonline.

I know they will receive honest, value-for-money, friendly service that us amateurs rarely find when dealing with website developers."
- Katherine Tate, Kat & Kaboodle -
Monday, December 08, 2008
Adventurous Perth woman Billy Hawes approached us in October with an exciting new online marketing project.  She has bought a luxurious 66' Oyster yacht and is planning a 5 year trip to remote destinations throughout the world.

Luxury Yacht Charter World was born as a result of in depth keyword research and the boat was named Blue Chip after finding had expired and was available for purchase (the fact that the domain name was pre-existing means Billy's website will achieve greater search engine visibility, faster). 

Billy's new website was made live by us a week ago and will be promoted to the world as we market the website using a combination of SEO and SEM tactics designed to target those seeking high end private yacht charters.

Blue Chip is a magnificent English-built yacht that will take Billy, her 2 crew, and their guests to over 130 exotic locations between 2009 and 2014.

The Luxury Yacht Charter World website was developed on MySuperWeb, enabling Billy to add photo galleries with ease, track all enquiries through an online customer database, and send monthly newsletters to interested charterers.

» If you are interested in a demonstration of MySuperWeb or a free 30 day trial feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whitsunday based design firm Zest Design, has launched an innovative new product to the Australian market aimed at improving the look of the iconic wheelie bin.

Wheelie Designs ( sells wheelie bin stickers, a new form of artwork designed to make your bin stand out from your neighbours.  This new craze is sweeping the nation as customers use the wheelie bin stickers to make a bold statement, advertise their business, or make their house number more visible.

PositionMEonline has been working with Zest Design since 2005 to assist their clients achieve greater visibility online.  Their latest project, Wheelie Designs, is being worked on by our team to maximise visibility across a broad variety of gift-related keywords.

A common mistake for start-up businesses such as this is to get us involved too far down the track, when the website is finished being developed, and the designer has wiped their hands clean of the project.  Fortunately, Wheelie Designs asked for our assistance early in the project, meaning the fundamental structure of their website is more search engine friendly, and overall the website is more effective in generating sales.

In the coming weeks Wheelie Designs will be adding video, a more feature-rich shopping cart, and even more designs to compliment their existing 300+ unique wheelie bin stickers.

If you are considering starting a new business and require a new website to rank high on the major search engines, regardless of whether you use our web design services, engage us for an initial consultation to ensure your web designer is on the right track.  It can save you thousands in re-design costs, and get you more business, faster.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Around 5 or 6 years ago our founder and CEO Stephen Mawhinney visited an optical accessories company in Willetton named Eyecessories.  He had to break the news to the business owner that their new website that had cost them around $50,000 to build was never going to be found in search engines. 

Their website was designed entirely in Flash, a web design format that looks good, but almost never ranks well on search engines. 

Understandably at this time the business owner didn't want to hear about it, having spent quite a sizeable amount of money.

We contacted Eyecessories a few weeks ago to demonstrate our new Virtual Spokesperson technology and heard they were looking at having their website redesigned.  They had new owners, and agreed their current website was delivering minimal return on investment.

We were invited to provide a quotation for their new e-commerce website which would enable visitors to purchase online and funds to be transacted directly into their bank account.

The new owner's wife recently had a website produced for her organic baby products which had all the functionality that Eyecessories wanted.  "We want that exact website" said Michala, the marketing person we were dealing with.

When we submitted a quotation that was 50% of the cost of what the other web design company who produced the owner's wife's website, they couldn't believe their eyes!  We received a number of phone calls and emails from Eyecessories attempting to confirm that we could do exactly what was done previously for half the price (as though they did not believe us).

We visited Eyecessories this week and demonstrated MySuperWeb to the owner's wife and Michala.  Within an hour they were satisfied that we could do exactly what was required, and the owner's wife admitted MySuperWeb had more functionality than her system.

We are glad to have Eyecessories on board as a client and are pleased to help them spend the other 50% of their budget on search engine marketing to get them a good return on their investment.

MySuperWeb enables us to build e-commerce websites efficiently and provide the customer with a significant amount of customisation options.  Email marketing, blogs, forums, secure logins, credit card processing, discount vouchers, autoresponders and more are all standard features in MySuperWeb.

If you would like an obligation free demonstration or more information contact us by completing the form below or calling us.

Visit Eyecessories (to be launched late 2008) -


Wednesday, September 10, 2008
We welcome aboard our latest client, Sentosa Charters, a fishing and whale watching charter company in Broome, WA.  Sentosa have the only amphibious tender boat in Broome, meaning their customers don't have to wade out in the water to get aboard!  They are also the only company providing whale watching tours in Broome.

Cameron and his crew are having their website redesigned on MySuperWeb - our feature-rich website management platform.

True to what we at PositionMEonline do, Sentosa found us whilst looking for a web designer on Google.

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