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Monday, December 08, 2008
Adventurous Perth woman Billy Hawes approached us in October with an exciting new online marketing project.  She has bought a luxurious 66' Oyster yacht and is planning a 5 year trip to remote destinations throughout the world.

Luxury Yacht Charter World was born as a result of in depth keyword research and the boat was named Blue Chip after finding had expired and was available for purchase (the fact that the domain name was pre-existing means Billy's website will achieve greater search engine visibility, faster). 

Billy's new website was made live by us a week ago and will be promoted to the world as we market the website using a combination of SEO and SEM tactics designed to target those seeking high end private yacht charters.

Blue Chip is a magnificent English-built yacht that will take Billy, her 2 crew, and their guests to over 130 exotic locations between 2009 and 2014.

The Luxury Yacht Charter World website was developed on MySuperWeb, enabling Billy to add photo galleries with ease, track all enquiries through an online customer database, and send monthly newsletters to interested charterers.

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