AdWords vs MySuperAds

More Effective than Google AdWords

By running your ads on Google, Yahoo & Bing simultaneously, MySuperAds can re-allocate your click budget towards the search engine and keyword that gives you the lowest cost per conversion.  Clicks can be as much as 80% less on Yahoo & Bing due to there being fewer advertisers - as a result MySuperAds takes advantage of this lower click cost to deliver you the maximum number of qualified leads for your monthly budget.

Google AdWords also enables customers to track email enquiries only - MySuperAds tracks both email enquiries and telephone calls, enabling you to track the true cost of leads.  Many businesses generate more phone calls than email, hence having a breakdown gives you a better snapshot of how inbound leads are contacting your business.

Why MySuperAds is a Superior Alternative to Google AdWords

Many of our clients are seeing the benefits of using MySuperAds as a Google AdWords alternative.  Here’s why-
  1. MySuperAds gives you a wider search volume
    MySuperAds simultaneously advertises on the 3 major search engines - Google, Yahoo & Bing.
  2. MySuperAds learns which keywords are converting
    This technology learns which keywords are resulting in phone calls, emails and web forms by tracking every call, web form and email from your ad.

  3. MySuperAds reallocates the budget dynamically
    This means your budget is spent only on the keywords and the search engine that is giving you leads and not on those that are chewing up your click budget with irrelevant or poorly performing keywords.

  4. MySuperAds improves conversion results
    MySuperAds' automatic campaign optimisation means that your click budget is re-allocated to only those keywords, the search engine, and even the time of day which is giving you the lowest cost per conversion. 

  5. MySuperAds has a more sophisticated tracking platform
    Whilst Google AdWords can only track email enquiries, MySuperAds tracks phone calls, web forms and email enquiries. MySuperAds can also track the exact phone number and suburb of callers who contact you as a result of your paid ad.

  6. MySuperAds can act as a business coach
    MySuperAd’s call recording feature enables you to improve your staff’s call conversion and act as a training tool.