Medical Websites

By entrusting your clinic's web marketing to PositionMEonline you can rest assured our 9+ years of experience will deliver profitable results.

We have clinics throughout Australia with -
5 Reasons to use a Web Marketing Company that Understands the Medical Industry -

  1. Importance of Your Web Presence - We understand how patients conduct online research prior to engaging the services of a practitioner, and know the essential ingredients for a professional, reliable, effective website. We can provide advice and even write your website, newsletter and blog content for your practice.

  2. TGA Guidelines - Some medical businesses are constrained by strict TGA marketing guidelines in relation to certain products – we have a sound understanding of these restrictions which can save you in time and legal costs. We even know authorised ways around these restrictions that can be used to your benefit in attracting patients.

  3. Effective Keywords - We know which keywords are most effective in generating leads for a practice – e.g. ‘breast augmentation’ is searched for approximately 4 times more than ‘breast enlargement’. Your website structure and wording should reflect this.

  4. Benchmarking – we understand industry norms on website traffic, enquiry levels, paid traffic costs and trends based on economic and seasonal circumstances

  5. Importance of Regular Contact – your industry is dynamic, your online marketing should reflect the progressive nature of the industry. We schedule regular one-on-one appointments with you and/or your Practice/Business Manager to ensure your marketing is running optimally and that your practice is seen as progressive online.
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