What is Re-Marketing?

MySuperAds (Display) has a unique ability to 're-market' your banner advertisements to potential customers, thus re-enforcing your brand and increasing your online presence.

How does 'Re-Marketing' work?

Every time a visitor accesses your website via any medium (e.g. Search engines, direct link, banner advertising etc.), a 'cookie' is installed on their browser.  When the potential customer visits any one of the 27,000+ websites in the Display Network, the website will identify that the cookie is installed on the visitors computer, and swap some of the ads on the website for your business's advertisements.

As a result, your banner ads are re-displayed to potential customers thus re-enforcing your brand as your ads 'follow them around the web' for up to 30 days.


The main benefits associated with this re-marketing feature include -
  • Your ads are displayed on some of Australia's most popular websites
  • Your brand is re-enforced to remind visitors about your business or special offer
  • No involvement required on your behalf - the technology looks after this automatically
  • Reports are available to show how many times your banners have been 're-marketed' to