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Tuesday, March 26
Landing pages

Considerable time should be spent on landing pages to ensure that you’re getting maximum ROI. Otherwise, you could be wasting marketing resources. 

Past studies on cognition and emotion to marketing stimuli have given way to neuromarketing. While it sounds quite advanced, it isn’t that complex – and the results make a lot of sense. According to Mona Elesseily, the following three considerations can help capitalise on landing pages from neuromarketing practices:

  1. Provide Clear and Simple Choices
    Too many options can easily overwhelm a visitor. People remember items in chunks of three to four. Elesseily also recommends highlighting the “most popular” or “best value” product for the buyer, making the decision process much simpler. Aim for fewer items.

  2. Anchor to Higher Priced Items
    Expensive items that appear on top of a list get purchased more often. Landing pages can anchor that highest price first, and then show prices in decreasing order. This creates a better buying environment that can lead to higher sales.

  3. Customers Want to Belong
    Helping customers relate can “get them on your side” with advertising. Write specifically to your target audience.   

These strategies can benefit your landing pages and leverage what has been discovered in neuromarketing.